Full-Scale Framework for Countering Islamic Extremism in Liberal Democracies

The challenge of countering Islamic extremism in liberal democracies continues to vex policy makers, the security community and the wider public. The purpose of this document is to offer policy makers in liberal democracies a comprehensive but triaged set of recommendations to build a full-scale response to Islamic extremism and minimise its influence.

Prevention of Mass Irregular Immigration to Europe

The purpose of this discussion paper is to contribute to the ongoing political debate in the European Union about finding solutions to migratory pressures and implementing the European Council’s conclusions aimed at stemming the unprecedented migratory flows Europe has been facing since 2015 (bearing in mind that the number of irregular arrivals has been reduced significantly by now). This paper should serve primarily to policy makers, policy advisors and government officials in the EU Member States and institutions.

Islamism in Europe and the Islamic State

Radicalization towards militant Islamism and terrorism constitutes a long-term threat for the European Union countries. The problem is gaining dangerous momentum with the expansion of the Islamic State (IS), which changes the geopolitical arrangement in the Middle East, encourages radicalization and inspires terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Addressing this situation requires a proactive approach of the political leaders and expert public in the fight against the spread of Islamism. For this reason, the European Values think tank ​​presents this expert publication, which lays down the basis for a discussion on how to successfully remove the threat of IS and secure Europe against the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Islam in Austrian Law

The European Values Think-Tank introduces a new background paper. Authored by Jiří Blažek, it analyses the position of Islam in Austrian Law.

Anti-Radicalisation Measures in the EU

The European Values Think-Tank introduces a background paper “Anti-Radicalisation Measure in the EU”. Radicalisation – both political and religious – presents one of the biggest security threats for European states and their democratic systems. This paper focuses at ways how to tackle militant Islamism, which at present seems to be the most serious challenge especially in the Western Europe.

The Challenge of the Islamic State

This paper will examine the sources of the appeal of the “Islamic State”, the prospects for its military and ideological defeat, it will also address the question in what manner and with what means can the international community in general and the EU in particular meet the challenge: what can be done to contain the spillover of these developments, how can the social and security impact on the West be mitigated, and what can be done to bolster the security of the “front line” countries in the region that are willing to cooperate in coping with this challenge